22 January 2008

Guest Blogging at Puffery

Given that I spend the entire winter in the bathtub (the only warm place in the house -- did I mention that the windchill here has consistently been around or below zero degrees? The second you step outside, you can feel your mitochondria freezing. If you breathe in too deeply, your nostrils freeze shut. And it's only January. We have another month of this, at least? And WHY did I move back to the midwest, again? OH MY GOD I HATE WINTER!)

...sorry, what was I saying?

Ahem. Given that I spend the entire winter in the bathtub, it's awfully nice to have the girls over at Puffery to offer up their reviews of and suggestions for bubble bath and all other manners of paint and powder, frill and frippery.

Even nicer, they let me rave about my latest obsession on their site! Check it out, and keep in mind that I'm not getting paid to gush...

...but I should be. Maybelline? Anyone? Bubble bath doesn't come cheap.

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