13 July 2004

What I Love, a list.

What I love:

Sprinklers outside my window making little rainbows in the late afternoon sun. Two dogs lying on my floor. Dar Williams, and her new book Amalee. Pat O'Neil & Gina Difino, who are going to visit me on their honeymoon. The pretty purple Sandias against the blue eastern sky. My wonderful, prolific, artistic friends. Long conversations with new people that just click. Sitting near the wide open doors at the Flying Star, overlooking the green patio, and gossiping about hot men. Jennie. Holding a little American Kestrel Falcon on the glove, especially when she pulls all the intestines out of her mouse and drapes them across my thumb. Also when she rips the mousie's head off and drops it on my feet. Doing geeky education work, behavioral theory and curriculum development. Watching the sun set over the West Mesa. Giggling with Grechen and TJ. Finding a good bar. The last two songs on the Lifehouse album Cam burned for me. Gregory McGuire's book Wicked (I highly recommend it). Holding a little Mexican freetail bat so TJ can drain the growth behind his eye with a hypodermic needle. Driving to work before the sun rises above the Sandias (haven't done that one in a while...). Heather Moore. Mangoritas. The amazing pictures my sister gave me for graduation. Reading new things my talented friends have written. Flashing white teeth in a laughing mouth. Joking about the triumverate of western thought (I'm the lower-left hand corner). Quiche. Taking a shower when the sun's directly overhead and rippling through the skylight. Showers with skylights, for that matter -- this is my second! Cassiopeia, smudgy last night over the mountains. Watching the trams creep up and down, shiny by day and night. Bartenders who put orange slices in my beer. Rainstorms in the desert. Lots of stuff.