11 April 2004

Among other things...

A picture of my darling Grinnell -- looks like some things never change! Ha ha!

Got to talk to Ali & Nadia (!!) last night, who called me from Cape Town, and then tonight had a lovely, meandering conversation with my Kevin, who's just arrived home from Belize. Other than that, my easter's been pretty uneventful: no resurrections here, and no eggs either. Though I did dream that I had twelve swimming babies....

05 April 2004

Good god, it's been a long time. My apologies to all who've emailed in wonder or worry ("with you, no news is NOT good news!"), and thanks to everyone who called and/or sent cards on my birthday. Twenty-four! Ach, and my arthritis, it's killing me!

Anyway, haven't much time to write just now, but I wanted to trumpet a bit: I get to workshop with Natalie Goldberg!!!!!! Could I be more excited??