17 July 2009

Questions Zia Has Refused to Answer

Who's a dog?
Who's a good doggy?
Who's a good girl?
Who's a pretty girl?
Are you a dog?
Are you a doggy?
Are you a good dog?
Are you a good doggy?
Are you a nice dog?
Are you a nice girl?
Are you a good girl?
Are you a pretty girl?
Are you such a pretty girl?
Are you so pretty?
What's your name?
Why are you so pretty?
Why are you such a pretty girl?
Why are you such a good doggy?
How did you get to be such a good doggy?
Is that your friend?
Do you love your friend?
Is that your baby?
Do you love your baby?
Why don't I want to work on my novel?
What's your take on the Sotomayor thing?
Are you so excited about today's Friday Feature?
Can I come take a nap with you instead of working today?

Questions Zia Has Deigned to Answer:
Do you want to go outside?
Do you want to go for a walk?
Do you want some foodie?
Is it time for dinner?


Natalie said...

Other questions resulting no answers:

-Are you made of beans?
-Are you a peanut?
-Are you made of wolves and/or children?
-Who has a person butt?
-Are you being a major Kangaroo right now?

Karen said...

Questions my pugs WILL answer:
Do you want a cookie? (Yes!)
Who wants a cookie? (Me!)
Who likes cookies? (Me!)
How many cookies? 80 cookies? (More!)
Do you want a kiss? (You bet!)
Should we take a nap? (Roxy heads for the stairs, Frankie looks confused.)