24 July 2009

My Beautiful Pomeranian

Excessively genial insurance salesman: Hey, that's a beautiful dog you have!

Me: Thank you!

EGIS: So, she's some kind of mix, huh? What kind of mix?

Me: No, she's actually a purebred.

EGIS: Oh yeah, a purebred! So she must be a... what, a pomeranian?

Pomeranian: Tiny. Fluffy.


EGIS: Pomeranian? Is that right?

Zia: Not tiny. Also not fluffy.

Me: Um, she's a greyhound.

EGIS: Oh yeah, of course! A greyhound!

Me: Yep.

EGIS: I've never seen a greyhound that looks like that before!

A bunch of brindle greyhounds: look exactly like Zia.

I wanted to say: Hmmm, well, that's what they look like.
or: So actually, you've never seen a greyhound before.
or: A pomeranian? A POMERANIAN?? HA HA HA HA HA!
or: Please stop talking.

I said: She doesn't like men very much.

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