23 February 2007

Best moment of the whole week:

It's Friday afternoon and all the 8th grade teachers are sitting in the library after school, postponing a weekend so close we can taste it, exhausted and burned out and sooooo over it. And... we're being forced to watch a cheesy video from the NAEP about testing. Great. On the TV, a shiny happy person with a huge saccherine grin (and a cushy government assessment coordination job, no doubt!) says sincerely, "Teaching is the most rewarding job there is!"

As if on cue, without even looking at one another, five teachers burst out laughing. Big laughs, giant booming guffaw laughs. The principal looks irritated as hell, which makes us laugh harder. It's a full minute before we can pull ourselves back together.

Ah, Fridays. Ah, Middle School.

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