08 May 2013

Happy One Year Publiversary, Princesses of Iowa!

In honor of the one year anniversary of the publication of The Princesses of Iowa, here's a beautiful movie my good pals at Very Clever made.

Note: this gorgeous little film is just one person's take on the book's prologue. Yours might look totally different, and that's okay.

Note also: That one person is a man in his thirties, who heard me read the prologue at a party about a year before the book came out. Despite its title, cover, and subject matter, The Princesses of Iowa has been surprisingly popular among adult men. Relatedly, a group of teenage boys once suggested we publish a "boy version" of the book, with a brown paper cover and the title "The Hot Chicks of Iowa." It's not the worst idea I've ever heard....


1 comment:

Elizabeth Lund said...

I'd almost forgotten how much I love this prologue...the second person, the fantastic takedown of alcohol and drug education. Happy publiversary!