04 August 2010

When You Wish Upon A Blog

So an awesome (but sadly anonymous) commenter points out that instead of waiting around for big companies to create the products I need, I should just make them myself. To which I say, YES. I totally support that notion. I am all about making things, and if they end up involving slightly more duct tape than they might if I bought them at the store.... well, duct tape's charmingly punk rock, right?

However, in this case? Big companies have already made them! WHAT??

Bare Escentuals On The Spot

Andrea Eye Q's Make-Up Correctors Swabs

Two?? Two different companies already make this magical product? (Thanks to Erin & Kat for the tips... literally!)

What I have learned today is if I demand things on my blog, I will get them.

Exhibit B: Prop 8. I was demanding the overturn of Prop 8 years ago! (Or being sad and posting pictures of puppies. You know. Whatever.) And look! Prop 8's been overturned!

Clearly this blog has some kind of incredible powers to make powerful change for the good. This is a huge responsibility! My blog wish is the world's command!


I wish.....

...for a dog...

...who also cleans my house!

Ready, world? Make it happen!

1 comment:

J.Tuttle said...

Hilarious! I must say I am guilty of dressing my dog as well. It was halloween, of course, so I had that excuse.