03 June 2005

This exhibit, summer friends with new roses, takes its name from one of my poems, ici. I believe they're publishing ici in the letterpressed zine accompanying the exhibition as well.

The other day, I heard an interview with Pete Seeger about his song "If I Had a Hammer," which had been used (in a comic way, with different words) to support republican Tom DeLay. Seeger was asked if he was angry about his song being corrupted and used by the very groups he'd always fought, but instead of being upset, he said something about how songs take on a life of their own, and an artist can't control the ways that the culture adapts and adopts the song. I thought it quite an inspired answer, really.

And that's how I feel about my own work. It takes on a life of its own; it goes out into the world and suddenly this little thing that I wrote in the loggia when I was 19 has meaning for an artist in Pennsylvania. Very cool.

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