27 June 2005

Taos this weekend was fabulous, but sadly not as photogenic as it should have been. Apparently it was rather dark all weekend. Maybe that's just a function of the constant mountain monsoons, one of which we got stuck in up near Taos Ski Valley, thus forcing us to take shelter under someone's second-story deck. It became clear, about 7:30 on Sunday night, that it had become personal: literally seconds after we got out of the car to walk the dogs, the sky opened up on us (and ONLY on us -- the rainstorm fell on a teeny patch of land maybe 2 or 3 acres wide, exactly where we happened to be). When we scorned the storm and continued our walk, it started HAILING. Obviously, someone was trying to tell us something. ("Are those dorks getting out of the car again? Okay, RAIN! And if that doesn't work, HAIL!!")

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