25 February 2012

Princesses of Iowa Sneak Peek!

You guys! I keep forgetting to mention this! You can now read the first two chapters of The Princesses of Iowa online -- for free! Isn't the internet magic?

I should warn you that there's a PROLOGUE (which obviously comes before the first chapters) that is, of course, completely amazing (I'm practicing being better at self-promotion -- how's it going so far?) which is NOT online, for some reason. So if you like the first two chapters, just wait until you can read the PROLOGUE!

(All jokes about self-promotion aside, I do legitimately love the prologue.)

(Also, prologues! They're fancy! Mine has lots of swear words!)

If you like the first two chapters and want to hear this alleged prologue BEFORE the book is in stores, come hear me read it at the Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Friday April 27! I'll be reading with three other fabulous Chicago YA authors: Claire Zulkey, Jim Klise, and Julie Halpern.

For even MORE Claire, Jim, Julie, and Molly, come to the Loft Children's Literature Conference, April 27-29, 2012. (Why yes, that IS my book cover on the back of the brochure; thanks for noticing!) I went to this conference last year and it was fantastic -- I highly recommend it.

And if all that isn't enough, here is a box of baby sloths.


Kola said...

Lol you're hilarious! All the best with the reading : )

Lisa said...

This so fantastic Molly! Wish I could be at the reading!