31 August 2011

Just Call Me Ginevra*

As you know, my debut novel, The Princesses of Iowa, will be published next spring (just under the wire before the END OF THE WORLD, so, you know, that's convenient).

Anyhow, to celebrate the year leading up to -- and following -- the release of my book, I'll be joining The Debutante Ball, a group blog for debut authors which is now in its sixth year. I'll be posting every Wednesday (long-time readers of this blog, I can hear you laughing), so if you've always wished I could get my act together and post on this blog more often than once a month and/or whenever I have a burning need to make fun of something, you're in luck!

Come on over to the Ball while I get settled in, leave me some nice comments so I don't feel like a total loser, and -- best of all -- start getting to know the four other Debs in the Class of 2012!

*Ginevra King (1898-1980), noted Chicago debutante. Wealthy, beautiful, and Scott Fitzgerald totally had a crush on her. You know, JUST LIKE ME.

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