24 September 2008

No Duping!

This afternoon, I took a stroll around the block while waiting for a conference call that never came. It's a gorgeous, warm September day, not a bit like winter, regardless of what my subconscious thinks. (A few nights ago at Kate's, we were talking about something or other and I said, "Now that it's winter...." and everyone looked at me until Natalie patted my hand nicely. "It's not winter yet, Molly. It's not even fall." Not in my head, though. One cold weekend and it's winter, forever, until next June.)

Anyway, so I came across this sign:

No Duping Allowed!

And I thought, well, that's good. I wouldn't want to be duped right now. I'm glad to know that I'm in a dupe-free zone, though I don't know how wide the no-duping range is. Could I be duped on the next block? Across the street?

After snapping a picture, I turned around to see this sign directly across from me:

Elephants! Performing Elephants!

Oh my gosh! I thought. Could there REALLY be ELEPHANTS in that old warehouse, just a few blocks from my office? Could I go pet them on a bad day, offer peanuts to their little prehensile noses? Could they snuffle my blues away? ELEPHANTS???

And then I realized: I'm standing in a NO DUPING ZONE! It's totally illegal to trick people here! Therefore, there MUST BE ELEPHANTS IN THAT WAREHOUSE!

I am SO going to befriend them. Elephants!


Anonymous said...

This really made my day :) I may have to come down and see those elephants really soon before I lose my marbles :) Good luck meeting with them, give them a few extra peanuts for me! Hope to talk to you soon!
~geri sphatt-walla

M. Molly said...

I'm glad, Geri! After my walk, I wouldn't stop talking about them, and my boss was finally like, "THERE ARE NO ELEPHANTS! CHICAGO WOULD NOT ZONE THIS BLOCK FOR ELEPHANTS!" She was a little cranky today. So I nodded knowingly, and said, "You know what you need? A trip to visit the elephants."

Anonymous said...

Looks like an elephant took a dump on the no duping sign.

M. Molly said...

Which just PROVES that there are ellies in that warehouse!

Anonymous said...

Duping is a real thing. It's when you cheat in a video game by finding a way to make a copy of an item by exploiting bugs.

It's usually best to avoid personal duping, if only to avoid confusion. And existential crises.