07 March 2007

Things, Terrible and Terrific

State testing is extremely stressful. Trying to keep a bunch of overly-tested kids in check (and the principal insists we "teach" them in the couple of hours of class after testing. SO fun.) is extremely stressful. Parent conferences are (can be) extremely stressful. Doing all three in one day makes me want to drive off a cliff. AND we have to stay until 6 on Friday? AND come back on Saturday morning?? Screw you, district!

BUT! Yesterday a herd (seriously, like 11 kids) of 9th grade boys who I'd taught in 7th and/or 8th grade appeared in my classroom door. First of all, so cute, since I spent two years nagging and yelling at these kids for being naughty, and I'm still their favorite teacher. Second of all, I asked them -- as I always do -- "What can I teach my 8th graders to help them be more successful in 9th grade English? What do you wish I had taught you guys?" And the boys looked at each other, shrugged, and said, "Nothing, Ms. B. Compared to your class, 9th grade is EASY."


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