06 March 2005




Sally: Shouldn't "grizzly bear" be capitalized?
Me: No. Not unless it's someone's name. Like... Grizzly Adams.
Tomas: Question. Wasn't he a United States president?
Me: GRIZZLY Adams?
Tomas: Yeah.
Me: (trying not to laugh) No.
Tomas: Yes he was. President Adams.....?
Me: You mean JOHN QUINCY Adams!
Tomas: Oh, well... close enough!


Mr. K: I don't see what the problem is with having the Ten Commandments posted in government buildings. After all, our constitution is based on them!
Me: WHAT!?!?

Also, apparently one of the five most common religions in the world is "Muslim." Um... yeah.


Joleen: Ms. Backes, do you want to know what I asked my mother this morning?
Me: No.
Joleen: Why not?
Me: Because the last question you asked me was shocking. What was it?
Joleen: I asked you what "Well Endowed" means.
Me: Right. Exactly.
Joleen: I asked her.... I asked her what a "nympho" is!

Today in seventh period we had the BEST discussion about etymology! How cool is that??

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