04 May 2004

New: Sister

Also, Miss Heather James, writer extraordinaire, Mr. Kevin Cannon, artist extraordinaire, and Ms. Mama Backes, reader extraordinaire, all liked The Place of Movement and Order! Yay!

AND, Miss Ila Gates-Thomas called me on Sunday and reminded me that Sunday was the 9-year-anniversary of my first journal entry ever. Happy anniversary, journals!

Also: (from my Plan)

Sunday, May 2 (Happy Birthday, Nat!)

Yesterday was the play over which I've been tearing my hair out for the last month. It went well!! Especially the grand finale, when the Evil Queen gets hit in the face with a whipped cream pie! HII-larious! Especially cool was the fact that the mayor (at my request) issued an official proclamation in the newspaper on Thursday, declaring Saturday to be Caring Community Day in Tijeras. In addition to the play we had animals, face painting, an art show, and music by two talented high school bands. So fun.

Afterward, all the parents and grandparents came up to me and thanked me and I had this weird sensation that my life had once again crossed wires with Anne Shirley's -- the scene after she directs Mary Queen of Scots and wins over all the mean Pringles come up and tell her they loved her. A feeling that suddenly I was a part of this community. Anyway.

Then the director and assistant director of TT took me out to lunch and were falling all over me (at one point, Laurie squealed, "I just LOVE you, Molly!") even though up to this point I'd been flying under their radar, so to speak.

And now I'm nervous!! Having proven myself to the community members and administration of TT, I will lose the luxury of anonymity at work. Now facing a significant promotion, including an increase in hours, responsibility, and pay (and perhaps title as well), I'm more nervous than ever about the fine line between being a part of the TT family and getting sucked into the drama and intrigue of TT (which is a lot like college/high school/junior high in its love for back-stabbing and gossip! -- does this ever end? do people ever grow up?).

To complicate and add to my issues of boundaries, privacy, and personal integrity, the director of TT has asked me to move in with him! He has two houses on his land (a beautiful beautiful place in the east mountains), and likes to have at least two tenants in one of the houses at all times. One of his two is currently moving out, and he's pressuring me to move in.... but I'm strongly considering moving in with a different person from TT... which means that as much as I resist it, TT WILL become my life.

So that's where I am right now.

And now I have to get ready to go to a little girl's First Holy Communion (the only girl in a family of four kids, three of whom I've had in various classes) and then go party with her extremely Hispanic/Catholic family. Wild.

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