18 December 2008

Cabinet of Nerds

December 17, 2008
Rock Bottom Brewery, Chicago

Nat: ...and that is why I love licorice the best.
Me: Can I interrupt you? What is this song?
Music: La la... female of the species is more deadly than the male....
Nat: Hmmm. I don't know.
Me: It's from high school. I haven't heard this song in like 10 years. Who sings this?
Nat: Let's see if we can guess. [listens intently] Yeah, I got nothing.
Me: 1996, I think.
Nat: I don't know. I'm going to guess it's 1998 trying to sound like 1996.
Me: Okay, fair enough........... what is this song?
Nat: It's definitely familiar.
Me: Maybe it's a one hit wonder.
Nat: Or the B-side of a one hit wonder.
Me: Yeah, maybe they had a more popular song, and this was their under-appreciated second single.
Nat: That sounds right.
Me: Or maybe this was the hit. This was the wonder.
Nat: Also possible.

Text Message
Dec 17, 9:56 pm
From: Molly
To: Rory, Doug, Leonard

Who sang that female of the species song ca 1996?

Dec 17, 9:58 pm
From: Doug
To: Molly


Me: It was Space.
Nat: Oh. Guess we're both wrong.

Dec 17, 10:08 pm
From: Rory
To: Molly

Space is the name of the group. Man I LOVE that song!...is more deadly than the male... shock shock horror

Dec 17, 10:15 pm
From: Molly
To: Rory

What year?

Dec 17, 10:19
From: Rory
To: Molly


Dec 17, 10:19
From: Molly
To: Rory

I am awesome.