26 July 2006

Where I'm going to get laid....

Even though this isn't the most accurate quiz result, it's apropos (and therefore HILARIOUS) because Dan, Steve, and I learned all about Bhutan watching the Korean channel last week. Bhutan is a great country, with an inspirational soccer story worthy of Disney's best efforts. Bhutan totally kicked Montserrat's ass in the 2002 soccer world cup. And what does Montserrat have going for it? Nothing.* Bhutan, on the other hand, is in the Himalayas, has a bunch of Tibetan Buddhists, and makes the majority of its income from animal husbandry. Also, the King of Bhutan has his own airplane. Take that, Montserrat!

Molly is most likely to get laid in Bhutan, in a cathedral.

*Other than being a tropical island, with a unique cultural blend of indigenous Carribbean and Irish, a week long Saint Patrick's Day festival, $700/week vacation villas, and an active volcano.