05 May 2008

28 Comments Later....

Yesterday, when I logged in to my blogger account, I had a notice saying I had 28 comments.

"Twenty-eight comments?" I thought. "That's amazing! Twenty-eight comments! That's one for every year of my life! If comments were dollars, I'd have enough to buy fourteen giant boxes of junior mints! Twenty-eight comments! Twenty-eight comments! Woo hoo!"

Then I opened them up. And they were all from "Jason." And they were all about his penis. "I wasn't satisfied with what nature gave me, and you don't have to be either! Blow her mind away! Your beloved woman will tremble as soon as you augument your shaft length!"

Man. Twenty-eight comments, down the drain.

No every year of my life. No imaginary legal tender. No junior mints.

In other news, Jason apparently has a very large wang.


Sarah said...

Hi Molly! Here's a non-penis related comment. I enjoy your blog. That's all. -Sarah

Timberly said...

Check out the porn e-mail I got last week:

"You might be thinking to yourself, how did an exotic Oriental fetish such as bukkake could become so widespread. It's pretty clear, really. It's all about traditional, conservative values. And what can be more traditional or conservative than openly humiliating females who cheat on their husbands by dragging them into the public square, binding them tightly with ropes and having every able-bodied man in town shoot hot loads of thick, burbling man-sap into the offending wenches' pleading, upturned faces?

Nowadays, bukkake isn't a disciplinary action... it's a way of life! Contemporary, liberated young women of all races, colors and creed have awoken to the erotic potentials of this practice, and today, you cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a gal who likes it straight up on the face, or directly down the throat, or in the eyes, or all over their heads, whatever way they can get it, really."

Turns out I wasn't thinking that to myself nor did I EVER EVER EVER EVER need to read the phrase "thick burbling man-sap."

Rainswolf said...

I'm with you on the Junior Mints

Valerie said...

Very funny post. Thought I'd leave a comment to try to get your numbers up.