25 April 2008

Ultimate Animal Fights

When I go to the zoo, I stand outside every animal's cage and make kissy noises at it. Sometimes I tell the people around me that it looks just like my dog Zeke -- no matter what kind of animal, I always think it looks a little bit like Zeke. Hippo, otter, tiger, giant sea tortoise... they all look like Zeke to me.

Then I think about how much I would like to snuggle with whatever animal I'm looking at. Again, no matter what animal, I would snuggle it. Kangaroo? I would throw myself into the pile of sleeping mamas and joeys. Warthog? I would wrap my arms around its bristly little neck and scratch its flat nose. Baby hippo? I would ride on its back and smooch its little mouse ears.

Clearly, not everyone thinks this way. Some people go to the zoo and think about how awful it is that these animals are in captivity. Some people think about how great it is that zoos work for conservation and education. Some people think about how much they'd like to eat a corn dog now.

And some people think about what would happen in an Ultimate Animal Fight.

Apparently, at a recent trip to the fantastic Albuquerque Zoo, Natalie and some friends got in a discussion of who would win in a hypothetical fight between unlikely foes, like lion versus polar bear. The conversation was so interesting that Natalie was inspired to start a new website: Ultimate Animal Fights. On this website, she has a huge bracket of Ultimate Animal Fights, and each week she posts a new one. We, the members of the world, write in and vote for which animal would win, and at the end of the week Natalie posts the winner, as well as the week's best answer. Last week's answer was a hilariously nerdy examination into the historical relationship between the United States and Canada, in an attempt to decide whether who would win in a fight between an eagle and a badger.

This week's battle is between the Lion, king of beasts, and the mighty Polar Bear, king of ice. Check it out, cast your vote, and join the battle... even if you would rather see Ultimate Animal Smoochy Snugglefest. (Natalie? Your next website...??)


rachel said...

How about Bear v Shark?

An interesting read, anyhow.

Curtis said...

There is a show called Animal Face-Off on Animal Planet that centers around this idea. They did an episode for Siberian Tiger vs. Grizzly Bear, which is pretty close to Lion vs Polar Bear, and declare Grizzly Bear the winner. The battle is simulated, though, and this guy says Siberian tigers can attack and kill grown brown bears. Other simulations and actual encounters are less conclusive (and far cuter).