11 March 2008

Grinnell Moves Ahead!

HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to support the George Drake Players as we represented Grinnell College in MARCH MADNESS AT THE PLAYGROUND! With your support, we beat the University of Illinois Urbana/Champagne, and will move on to face UNC this Sunday night, same time, same place.

If we win this weekend, we'll move up in the bracket and play against either Ball State or William and Mary in the Finals on Easter Sunday. Again, the winning team will be determined by the audience, so the more support we have in the audience, the better!

Special thanks to Natalie Kossar, Kate Herold, Vivek Venugopal, Adam Gratch, Adrienne Celt, David Clark, and RACHEL CLARK (who came all the way from SEATTLE!) for coming out Sunday night.


Natalie said...

But mostly...Natalie Kossar.

Kelly said...

if i come next week will you put MY name on your blog?

"special thanks to that super gal, Kelly Williams, who's been with me through thick and thin, thai and irish, gerwurztraminer and champagne, and all that can be drunk in between..."

that's how i want it to read.

Adrienne Celt said...

go team grinnell! I so rarely had the chance to give a damn about sports at grinnell - this is like making up for lost time.

Natalie said...

This is where i MEANT to comment.

I'll say it again.. You're welcome for coming. Now post a new blog because a week is too long!