02 November 2007

West MacQueen Street Band CD Release Party -- Tonight!

(Paperback Title: What To Do If You Live In Peoria)

My father was the youngest of nine children. He had six sisters, all of whom had kids. Therefore I have, roughly, a million cousins. Cousins are great because no matter how badly you screw up, they still love you, and no matter how successful and full of yourself you are, they’ll still tell you you’re full of shit. (Actually, my cousins never tell me that, but it’s probably only because they don’t see me often enough.)

When you have a million cousins, it’s statistically probable that at least a few of them will be completely awesome. Some might even be in a band! Like, for example, the West MacQueen Street Band, featuring not one but TWO of my completely awesome cousins.

First, there’s Bill Sellers, aka Mister Drummer, aka Cousin Billy, who plays a mean drum, gets geeked out about music, runs across the country to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and who mysteriously is NEVER in town when I am.

Then there’s Bob Sellers, aka Mister Sound, aka Cousin Bobby, who sits behind the sound board, knows all the best dirt about my dad, and who is ALWAYS in town when I am. (Bonus points to Bob for not trying to AVOID ME, *cough*BILL*cough*)

These two handsome dudes, along with the rest of the West MacQueen Street Band, will be at Po-Boys in Peoria, IL TONIGHT! from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am, celebrating the release of their second CD, 1204. Which means that you, dear reader, have the opportunity to go party with my cousins, as this event is sure to draw cousins from all over the greater Peoria metro area. If you live in Peoria, you should absolutely check it out, because – seeing as how you live in Peoria – you probably don’t have anything better to do anyway.

And if you do go, please be sure to say hi to my cousins for me. Especially Bill. Maybe if enough people say hi for me, he won’t AVOID me next time I’m in Peoria.

Congrats on the new album, WMSB!

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