21 January 2007

100 Friends!

Recently, myspace gleefully announced that I have 100 friends. Naturally, this was really exciting. 100 friends? If I borrowed 10 bucks from everyone, I'd have $1000! That's so much! That's enough to buy 1000 things that cost one dollar each!

Then, I thought it would be interesting to go through these friends of mine and catagorize them (seriously -- this is what Molly thinks of as fun. Sometimes in my free time at work, I make bar graphs just for the sheer delight of putting things in order and being able to see relative numbers at a glance). (I do realize that this admission may lose me some of those 100.)

Here are the results:

Family members: 1

People I've known since 1985 or earlier: 4 (plus my sister, but she has her own category)

People I went to high school with: 17 (plus 3 of the pre-1985 people -- and my sister, so really 20)

People I went to college with: 36

People I've met in Albuquerque: 17

People I met at Second City: 3

People I knew in Madison who didn't go to OHS (aka Joe & Tom): 2

Former students: 6

Friends who aren't actually people: 5 (looking at you here, Grinnell College)

People I've dated: 6

Now… the more discerning readers will notice that this does not, in fact, add up to 100 friends. Three friends missing. WHAT? Where are you, friends? I went back and counted my friends like three times, and still couldn't make them add up to 100. This may have something to do with the fact that I'm bad at counting, but I counted THREE times! Where are you, friends?

I must admit, too, that for someone who likes making bar graphs, losing three friends – ruining my perfect 100 – hurts. Mathematically. It hurts my categorical heart.

.... the fact that I can't make all the words in this post the same size hurts my heart, too. You can't even imagine how hard it is to go through life like this. Catagorically.

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