18 July 2005

The annual comic convention (Comic Con) in San Diego is apparently THE place to be for any member of the comic world. As an artist, you almost have to be there, to build your name recognition and form important connections -- and subsequently get work. From what I understand, the Con is made up of three main groups: the artists, the corporations, and the fans. The fans are insane. The fans dress up like superheros. And cartoon characters. And monsters. You've seen these people on the news, every time a new Star Wars movies comes out: they're the ones who aren't just *dressed* like Darth Vader, they *ARE* Darth Vader.

I imagine that it would be pretty difficult to escape these people if your livelihood depended on them. All the comic book artists I know (and I know four) spent the weekend in SD, face to face with the crazy fans.

That said, I am so embarassed to be friends with this guy (between Wonder Woman & Robin):

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