24 April 2004

Happy Birthday, Jamie Bourdon & Lisa Otte!

Congratulations to Miss Heather James, who conquered (or at least survived!) the MCAT!! Wooooo!

Apologies again to those who have grumbled in my silences. I love you all, but I've been working nearly sixty hours (six days) a week every week since March 1. Quite a switch from my luxuuuuurious 3-day-weekends of old. One of the biggest sources of stress in my life is the East Mountain Caring Community Day Celebration, at which my students will be performing an old favorite, "The Planet of the Perfectly Awful People." Of course, somehow I have become the primary organizer for this event, even though it's not even my contract. I don't mind too much, because I really want to honor my young actors who have been working so hard, but at the same time.... Let's just say that I'm counting the days until May 1. More about this project in the Mountain View Telegraph.

Also, I am currently looking for a new domicile and though I have until June to move out, I am fast losing patience with my current living situation and would love to get the hell out as soon as possible. The sixty hours thing seems to be impeding my speedy move, however. I'm working hard to appreciate all the amazing roses in my backyard before I go, because my roommate seems to hate every living thing on her property, and believe me, these roses deserve my love. I have tiny white roses and huge red roses, almost too red to be real. They are Robert Burns roses, red, red roses like newly sprung love. And now I have beautiful patio chairs in which to sit as I contemplate these velvety dark roses, blooming in blissful ignorance of their landlord's contempt.

Needless to say, I shall be taking my plants with me when I go.

Which brings to mind our late friend Dave Carter:

I will fly like the falcon when I go
Bear me my brother under your wing
I will strike fell like lightning when I go

I will leap like coyote when I go
Tireless entrancer, lend me your skin
I will run like the gray wolf when I go

I'll send this message down the wire and hope that someone wise is listening when I go....

I hope that someone wise is listening now. :-) I'm struggling with the pros & cons of living alone or with roommates. I **loved** living alone, but it was one thing in Grinnell, where I couldn't hole up for too long without someone dragging me out from my little cave and forcing me to go to the pub. But here... I wonder if it isn't good for me to have a roommate who insists that I interact with human beings de vez en cuando.

In other words, do I seek
The melting voice through mazes running,
Untwisting all the chains that tie
The hidden soul of harmony;

or content myself with
The hairy gown and mossy cell,
Where I may sit and rightly spell
Of every Star that heav'n doth shew,
And every Herb that sips the dew;
Till old experience do attain
To something like Prophetic strain?

L'Allegro or Il Penseroso?

Apologies once more, but the dark skies tonight are brooding, and Milton won't get out of my head.

In any case, look for a new address soon, whether it be for Stygian cave forlorn or beds of violets blue.

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