24 April 2004

Happy Birthday, Heather Moore!

Quote for the day (overheard in the frame shop):
"Well you know, those boyscouts are known for their faaaaaabulous muffins!"


It's only 9:00, but I'm a sleepy girl after working 8 hours today after a night of sleep, interrupted. A certain ALI BROWN! felt it necessary to call me at 2:30 AM and wake me up. I was sleeping (OBVIOUSLY), but luckily I heard her voice on my answering machine in time to pull myself out of my sleepy haze and dive for the phone. For some reason, when I heard the phone ring I thought it would be my students calling about the play. Which shows you what I was probably dreaming about. Which shows you how sad my life is right now. I need a vacation!

However, as tired as I am, I'm sure it's nothing compared to how tired my best Kevin is right now: he's in hour 22 of the 24 Hour Comic Day. Seriously, check out this site, because it's pretty hilarious and has funny pictures of Kevin and his famous comic artist friends as they race against death!

(Doesn't that sound dramatic? I stole it from the title of my favorite book ca. 1989: Race Against Death: a True Story of the Far North, by Seymour Reit. But these artists aren't really racing against death . . . . or are they??)

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